Our service includes complete diagnostics, maintenance, laser alignment, parts, CNG services, sales, consulting and more...


Complete Diagnostics 2 - QC Pumps and Compressors


The team at QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd will work hard to find the root cause of your equipment failures and provide options to prevent further down time.



We will go the extra mile to find the hard to find part that you’re looking for and can provide competitive pricing for most pumps, compressors, and Industry requirements.



QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd offer (PMP) preventive maintenance programs to increase your up time and reduce your costly unscheduled down time.



The staff at QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd has many years of providing supervision and or managing turnarounds. Let us share our experience on your next project.
Laser Alignment


We will accurately align your rotating equipment to reduce wear on bearings, mechanical seals and couplings. Providing longer life to your equipment and saving your money.



We can assist you in picking what product will best suit your needs. Whether it is a pump, air compressor, air dryer or a replacement of equipment. Our staff will do the hard work to ensure you get the best price and a delivery to suit your needs.



We can provide a complete package for Compressed Natural Gas; whether it’s an overhaul of your compressors, or weekly/monthly maintenance service of your Compressor Station / Decanting Station. or you require assistance with commissioning of your facility. We have the expertise to help. We can also supply all of your fittings and valves for your CNG requirements.



We offer the Gardner product lines of Air Compressors, Air Dryers (Refrigerated/Desiccant), N2 Generators, Centrifugal and Reciprocating pumps. The Gardner Denver products are well known for their long life and up time. When you think of TOUGH and Dependable, think GD. Gardner Denver is the only company to offer the (ten year) Platinum Warranty on their Air Compressor Packages.


Our policy is that the people who come though our doors are the most important people in the world. (Our Customers). We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to find that part our customer needs to keep them going.

Gardner Denver Compressors & Dryers

Gardner Denver products are well known for their long life and up time. The only company to offer 10-year Platinum Warranty on Air Compressor Packages.

Mercer Pressure Relief Valve

Official distributor for Mercer PRV (Pressure Relief Valve). Manufactured in USA/Canada. A quality product for your fluid, air or a gas system.

GD Energy Products​

Every pump. Every part. Every time. We deliver the innovation and quality you expect from an industry leader—backed by the customer service that has kept us there since 1859.

John Crane Mechanical Seals

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd offer one of the finest and most widely used mechanical seals found in the market today. John Crane can provide mechanical seals for most models of pumps.

RK Compressors

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd is pleased to offer the RK line of compressors ranging from 5hp to 15hp. RK compressors are manufactured in Canada.

Kluber Specialty Oils​

If you are in need of Specialty oils, such as bio degradable, fire resistant hyd and compressor oil, Kluber Oil should be your choice.

Fire Rated Workwear

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd has much more to offer such as IFR (fire rated) work wear, from coveralls to coats, jackets, pants and much more, all manufactured in Alberta, Canada. If you need protection, trust IFR.

Chockfast ®

Chockfast products have an unmatched reputation for reliability with major gas pipelines, chemical, petrochemical and refining complexes, power plants, mining operations as well as industrial construction operations worldwide.

Rapid Air Compressed Air Products

For pressures up to 300 psi this product will reduce installation of your air system and eliminate rust from black iron pipe systems plugging up your air filters. It is a win-win system that saves money.

Double Barrel Pump Products

A 100% Canadian-owned company providing quality pump products for the Canadian Oil & Gas market.

Tsurumi Sump Pumps

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd is pleased to offer the Tsurumi line of sump pumps, for all your dewatering needs. Suitable for mining applications.

Summit ESP Fluid Pumps

Move large volumes of fluid, with low maintenance, the Summit ESP multistage Surface Pump is a proven pump system to move High Volume/Low Pressure or High Pressure/Low Volumes.

Oasis Couplings and Fittings​

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd offers the Oasis line of couplings and fittings, Designed for Compressed Natural Gas Industry.
We had a pump installed by QC Pumps and we are very impressed with their work and time line. Very clean and quick . We did get to test it out a couple months ago as I do live in a flood zone and proud to say it kept up and our basement stayed dry. Oh and also this pump is extremely quiet!!
Kim Fulford
Hunt Design Centre
I am writing this review to let everyone know how pleased I am with the installation of an Emergency Flood Kit in the basement of my residence. The Kit is priceless. I have peace of mind now and can breathe a little easier when the water in the river reaches flood stage. Paul Bedford and his team are very professional and efficient. The entire installation was completed in under 3 hours. Paul explained everything in detail about the installation. Everything was completed according to specifications. I would highly recommend QC Pumps and Compressors Ltd for all your Pumps and Compressor needs.
Jim Huggard
Happy Customer
As an operator at a gas plant, it is a pleasure to work with QC Pumps employees. No matter the time or the day, they are just a call away from getting the plant up and running if they are needed. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Also familiar with the different equipment and pumps that we have. Highly recommend!!
Gregg Dalling
Happy Customer

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